‚ÄčEach summer SDASRO provides an educational training conference for both law enforcement officers specialized in working with schools (SROs/D.A.R.E. Officers, Police Administrators) and school personnel (Educators/School Administrators/Counselors).  The training provides education and training in various topics.  The goal is to continue building working relationships between law enforcement and educators and to provide the needed tools to keep our schools and students safe.
With the nation-wide rising concerns of school/student/staff safety, the conference gives fantastic information and resources to our LEO/educators/administrators who are always seeking to improve their schools, departments and professionalism in any way possible.  In return, the educators/administrators who attend also deliver imperative feedback material of past, current, and future concerns within their schools (no school is the same and there is never one solution to fix every problem) to law enforcement which allows us to address those specific topics of interest and/or unease and together search for a resolution.  

Thank you all for attending the 2024 Summer Safety Conference that was held June 4th-June 6th, 2024 in Sioux Falls, South Dakota on the Campus of Southeast Technical University.

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