South Dakota Association of School Resource Officers

A couple things to keep in mind for spring/summer 2020.  The SDASRO board is working to bring back the summer conference, starting somewhat smaller for this year.  We are looking at having the conference in Sioux Falls during the week of June 8-12 (most likely going to be the 11th and 12th).  To coincide with this we are working on securing private funding to be able to provide NASRO's Adolescent Mental Health training for 12 of those hours.  In addition, a grant application has been put in to LET hoping to cover the registration costs for SD officers/deputies that need the NASRO Basic SRO class.  We are looking at hosting that in Sioux Falls the following week (June 15-19).  Keep your eyes open on these.  Hopefully in the next few months we will know more.

Although not a training opportunity for us the following is something that you might be able to utilize in training that you provide.  The Safety Village of SD has Impairment Goggle kits available to officers that are in need of some for a class that they are putting on.  The attached flyer indicates how to go about reserving them.  The best part of this is that the Safety Village incurs all of the expenses, including shipping both to and from the agency!

‚ÄčImpaired Goggle Kit flyer (1).pdf